The genesis and founding ethos behind the E15 stylish formalwear brand

Ottobre 7, 2019
15 seconds from now, what follows is your very own story, a narrative that is only yours to create. This is the genesis and founding ethos behind the E15 stylish formalwear brand.

A formal button shirt represents one’s personal history of key life periods, from leaving school, employment, customer meetings, to the most memorable wedding day. The shirt that accompanies one on such moments, the brand believes, will always be the best in the heart of the wearer.

E15’s founders were inspired on their journey by their awareness of the difficulty to find a button-up shirt that is not only stylishly elegant but also comfortable enough to boost the wearer’s confidence. The brand believes that formal wear is not so much about fashionable appearance only, but to enable one’s inherent confidence and professionalism to radiate fully. E15 is proud to offer such confidence-boosting attire for the wearer to professionally face the challenges, tasks and missions along life’s path.

To find the most aesthetic appearance, E15 researched the biggest brand cuts and styles, consulting widely with fashion designers. To attain the strongest fabric technology and comfort, the brand searched widely among Taiwan’s world-renowned functional fabric providers, going as far as Japan to find that perfect fabric feel. This journey was not always an easy one, with many mills refusing to work with the brand due to its insistence on perfection. But, the struggle was worthwhile by enabling the brand to launch its strong range of products to the market.

E15 is excited that the latest stage of its journey toward perfection has culminated in its newest chapter of including the Polygiene technology to its wear. The reasoning behind the brand’s partnership with Polygiene was driven by its reputation as the strongest odor-control technology on the market today, enabling for permanent freshness that is so crucial toward maintaining one’s confidence.

Having given everything, E15 strives for 120% perfection, inviting all who pride style and comfort to try their wear and to experience it for themselves.