#PolygienePartner of the month: Kathmandu

Agosto 23, 2021
Since 1987, the founders of the New Zealand brand, Kathmandu were on a mission to improve the world’s wellbeing by getting more people outdoors. The founding belief that nature has a significant transformative effect on us all has been at the root of the brand since day one. Nature recharges our batteries, makes us happy and free.

John Pawson and Jan Cameron, the founders of Kathmandu, strove to create functional and technical gear to make adventure travel more exciting and comfortable. So, they started making sleeping bags in the spare bedroom of a friend’s flat.

Kathmandu is part of a global ethical business movement driving a more sustainable and inclusive economy. By 2025 Kathmandu is aiming to achieve net zero environmental harm from their business and that 100% of their product offering to be designed, developed, and manufactured using circularity principles.

The brand is one of the oldest standing clients of Polygiene with steady growth season over season. A pilar of Kathmandu, and where Polygiene comes into play, is in finding sustainable water-saving solutions, which will benefit both consumers and the environment. Consumer use stands for the large majority of a product’s impact, approximately 2/3rds of the environmental footprint of a garment, according to some studies. By focusing on a consumer’s impact in addition to the production phase of a product, we as customers can make a big difference, and it all starts by washing less.

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