Longtime certified material partner Labtex on sharing the same sustainability values

Febbraio 20, 2020

From the founding start in 1996, Labtex is lead by the idea that textiles can be aesthetics and of high quality while simultaneously being sustainable and eco- friendly. As a bluesign system partner, the production process is eco-conscious and screened to make sure that pollution is minimized, with the aim to provide the customer with a sustainable product.

“In addition, what is even more exciting is that we have been cooperating with Polygiene technology “wear more wash less” for years. Clothing treated with Polygiene can stay fresh after several wears which reduced consumer washing time and energy cost. The fabric lasts longer without excessive washing and bacterial growth, and the clothing will not be discarded prematurely due to odor. All of the above leads to minimized water usage. Durable and sustainable odor control technologies like Polygiene play an important role in minimizing the environmental footprint of garments and gear which closely correlates to Labtex core values”, says Zack Yen, marketing manager & senior sales representative of Labtex.


And on a final note, he adds: “Sustainability is very important to Labtex, and we do not only care about a sustainable environment, but also sustainable management of resources, so we can provide a better living environment to future generations”.